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THRIVE & SHINE: Your mid-year reboot

August 3rd & 10th, plus individual support

  • Starts 3 Aug


Have you lost track (or traction) of your goals, dreams and intentions for 2024? Is there some special change you are dreaming of, but can’t quite get the momentum to pull it off? Would a boost of energy and focus be helpful right now? Please consider joining us for the Thrive and Shine, Mid-Year Reboot in August! It is common for all of us to begin our year strongly, perhaps having reflected on learnings from the previous year, and often being motivated by what we know we don't want. It is also common to reach this mid-point of the year, with a long ‘to do’ list and wonder where has the time gone, and what was I even aiming to accomplish this year! If any of the above sounds like you, we are here to support you to move confidently into the second six months of 2024. You can still move those mountains you set out to in January or set in motion inspiring work and life projects to carry you into 2025 and beyond. WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM PARTICIPATING ~ Greater clarity about the direction that is most important to you, and what might have knocked you off-course ~ A support map to help you thrive and shine ~ Confidence in the steps you are taking towards increased energy and joy ~ Individualised coaching focusing purely on your needs ~ Compassionate and honest sounding board from a supportive community of people on a similar path to you ~ A downloadable group meditation produced at the end of the event, drawing upon the wisdom of the group The investment is $440 AUD, inc. GST HOW IT WORKS Once you sign up you will be enrolled in to two group workshops, and be given information on how to book your individual, online coaching session. You will also receive support resources throughout the program in August. Our aim for the Thrive and Shine Reboot is that it will be inspiring, enjoyable, creative, insightful and fun! We will set you up to be in action towards what is most important to you. DATES August 4th and 11th: Workshops 1 & 2 (2pm – 4.45pm) Between Workshops 1 & 2: Daily activities for you to complete in your own time After Workshop 2: Your individual coaching session YOUR GUIDES Your guides, Jessica Connor Kennedy and Adam Kennedy, prioritise making their work inclusive, engaging and creative. Rather than lengthy PowerPoint presentations and giving you a ‘4 step solution’, you will tap into your own inner wisdom, supported by methods that are known to help people be psychologically, emotionally and spiritually more aligned with their purpose.


Meet your guides

"Thank you for your thoughtfully designed, well-paced hand-hold... allowing me to deeply reflect on the past year, capitalise on all the beauty and wonder, delve into the hurdles and emerge with an unexpected though totally rational action plan... As an artist with a science background I often lean toward the analytical; your sessions were a wonderful mix of the intuitive and systematic – perfectly pitched!”


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