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Thank you for visiting. I work with organisations who care about people, purpose and planet so that their team can be healthier and happier at work, more connected to their roles and each other, making the best impact possible.

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Jessica has 20 years experience assisting leaders and their teams to discuss what is most important, make decisions and move forward. Jessica leads projects in a way that helps people be practical yet visionary, to find fresh motivation while making sure they are not just reinventing the wheel. She is skilled in guiding people, including engineers and scientists, who are struggling with complexity and uncertainty, to work through the challenges they face to plan innovative action. Jessica has worked across education, agriculture, science and health, through consulting to government, private industry and not for profits. She also has broad cross-cultural understanding and a passion for inclusion having worked on projects of personal and professional interest abroad, including Japan, China, India and Tanzania.


Designing our work using regenerative principles helps lead to lasting change for more positive communities and organisations. Jessica strives to work in very engaging ways, drawing on experience known to shift cultures and create change. Jessica is a regenerative organisational design practitioner, an accredited coach with The Enneagram In Business®, a Creative Contemplation® Facilitator, an advanced Clinical Pastoral Educator, a Dignity Therapist and experienced deliberative community engagement facilitator. Jessica is a keen horse person (natural horsemanship) and student of the Japanese martial art aikido, both inform the way she facilitates groups that are dealing with major change or crisis.

Jessica has managed and facilitated many exciting projects over the past 20 years, examples include:


  • Dozens of major deliberative community engagement projects. Some highlights: Facilitating conversations between executive staff and community members; leading sessions with people who are deaf or hearing impaired; and facilitating very culturally diverse sessions, with translators of multiple languages.

  • Many strategic planning projects - particularly with not for profits and businesses.

  • Organisational review and redesign, including staff and stakeholder engagement, current state audits, process review and system recommendations.

  • Leadership development programs within private and government settings. 

  • Young leader development in for-purpose organisations including conferences, team building and coaching.

  • Art-based community engagement, e.g, Geelong After Dark, Creative Occupation.


Business review to help workplaces bring more value to their clients with less effort

Debriefing incidents and working with high emotions in groups

Finding out what matters most to your community or clients and what they want and need from you

Guidance to tackle challenges as a team and codesign solutions

Design and re-design of learning programs and communications materials

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