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How to get started with your own overseas learning adventure - a worksheet for you

I see sabbaticals as a learning adventure, a bit like a study tour but you stay for longer, you sink more deeply into a topic of interest. You will ideally have some goals and write up your findings or share a presentation with your peers when you return. Given that I was lucky enough to take a 6-week sabbatical in Japan this year, I want to share a resource to help you take the overseas sabbatical of your dreams!

To get your ideas flowing, to build momentum and to help start narrowing down the possibilities, please check out the attached worksheet. It will help you be super clear on your purpose and a range of other factors that people can often forget to consider when taking a sabbatical. Answering these questions before my sabbatical helped ensure I made the most of such a precious opportunity.

Not only do I enjoy helping organisations and teams to plan, this worksheet is part of my passion to help people shape their individual professional lives. Please reach out for a conversation or to join my email list,


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