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Building healthy culture

Go beyond yoga classes, food trucks and coffee vouchers for your staff health. Find out what matters most to your staff to uncover hidden issues, deal with conflict and build morale for a healthier workplace from the inside out.


Events take a huge amount of time and resources. Whether a team retreat or large scale conference, Jessica can work with you to design and host an event that is memorable with a lasting impact.

Business review

Review your business, so your team  has more headspace, time and creativity for the ‘real’ work of your business, making the impact you are there to make with a natural flow on to improved profitability. See below for more detail.

Online events

Online events simply need someone with expertise to help ensure things run smoothly, from managing the waiting room to sharing slides for the guest presenters. Jessica can help you make your online events highly polished.


Support your staff or external stakeholders after a difficult experience. Coaching, focus groups and other forms of support can reduce the short and long term impact of stressful events at work.

Co-design services and models

Involve the people who use your services and products in the design or review of those services and products for greater understanding of your clients, improved engagement and fresh ideas.

More detail about the business review process:

Many business owners realise their business could be operating at a healthier level than it currently is. A business review helps people find more headspace, time and creativity for the ‘real’ work of the business, making the impact you are there to make with a natural flow on to profitability. The hard part is getting the headspace to work that out and act on it. 


Who is this for

These business reviews are specially developed for corporate retreat centres because they are places that contribute enormously to wellbeing in workplaces. The process works well for other creative businesses who want to make a real and healthy difference to the life of their clients. Often they want to:

  1. Create more value for their clients to increase sales and profitability

  2. Save their time and time of people in their team


Why business reviews matter
Even before the review is complete with recommendations implemented, the business owners and other leaders who go through a review see the reality of how they use their time, and where their sales and systems let them down. Changes start happening straight away, little and big wins for their time, their business and their wellbeing. Imagine if you could find as little as 2 hour per week time savings for yourself through the way you set up your communications, systems and projects. Over the course of a 48 week work year that is 96 hours.
What are the steps

Business review projects follow three main stages:


1. Map the current state, the NOW

An objective look at the program is completed by mapping the current state (current state audit). This step usually includes engagement with past clients or other stakeholders. From these two activities, a lot of meaningful, objective information is used to decide upon the most important issues to address – usually increasing value to clients, greater profitability, a healthier team and / or more impactful programs.


2. Prioritise and implement solutions, the HOW

This step involves identifying potential solutions to the identified issues and taking action on the priority solutions. This is a very generative step for your team or business, as you will be directing your efforts to the right places.


3. We measure, WHERE is this getting you?

Measure the changes based on the current state audit, to see to what extent your efforts have made a difference in where you want to get to. Celebrate the wins and acknowledge learnings. You can have a short video made at this stage that is great to use with potential clients or investors.


4-day work week

The research is clear that a 4-day work week helps productivity and health of organisations. Many businesses seek to move to a 4-day work week. But how to get there can be a big challenge. Is it a matter of squeezing 5 days into 4? Definitely not! A business review can help you get there.


Where to look to save time?

Time savings vary depending on the type of business, the type of people in the business and the established systems. What one person thinks may save time, may have unintended negative consequences or at odds with what someone else might think will save time. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach so it’s vital you start as objectively as possible and map the current situation. This helps you make informed, bespoke changes that build health for individuals and for the team.

Time and energy are very valuable currencies in a business.

Optimising these two resources starts with mapping and measuring them so that you know where you 
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