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Complimentary guided talks and meditations

Flustered, frustrated, need some support?Jessica Connor Kennedy
00:00 / 04:39

This recording can be listened to at any time of day and is for you if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or wanting to settle your mind, even at work if you need to refocus and be productive. It includes about 90 seconds of quiet time.

Stuck, overwhelmed or dealing with change?Jessica Connor Kennedy
00:00 / 03:52

This recording can be listened to at any time of day and is designed for you if you, or someone you know, is going through change, whether it be unwanted/forced change, or change by choice. Either way change is demanding and if we can keep our mind and bodies as present as possible, we are likely to make better decisions and be able to get through it in a healthier way.

Driving somewhere? Want to feel more ready, more settled?Jessica Connor Kennedy
00:00 / 12:31

Are you one your way somewhere today? Would you like some company to help you feel a little more focused and at ease? Specially recorded for you to listen to while driving to work, for this guided reflection you need to stay super alert with your eyes open! 

Coaching series - bespoke guided practices

I create individualised recordings for people who go through my coaching program. With the person's permission, they are listed here for other people to enjoy and benefit from.

Guided refection to assist centredness and focusJessica Connor Kennedy
00:00 / 08:52

Listen to this if would value feeling more centred, focused and energised. This guided practice is designed to help reduce the feeling of being pulled in many directions and to help you to use your time more effectively. I chose to focus specifically on one aspect of the Enneagram that, according to Sandra Maitri and others, laziness is the core, unconscious pattern that impacts people who identify as type nine in the Enneagram. As a nine myself, I found it a bit strange to think of myself as lazy when I first heard that, but it's not that at all. It's more about laziness towards self which can cause a kind of self-forgetting. Recommended for listening to in the first half of the day, once per week. This recording has been created for a fun-loving, professional woman in her 40's who is exploring the Ennegram and identifies with type 9. Thank you for doing coaching with me - enjoy!

Why listen to these recordings

If you can use your nervous system to your advantage, you will have a better chance of making good decisions that bring enjoyment, save you time in the long run and help make the impact you want to make, sooner. One way to settle the nervous system is through being present. Check out the above guided short talks that will help you straight away … no email sign up required but please email me at if you would like to be informed about new resources.

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